The Ultimate Medium for Erosion Control and Revegetation.
Flexible Slope Protection

Nothing controls soil erosion and accelerates seed germination like Flexterra™, the ultimate hydraulically applied blanket. Patented technology creates a Flexible Growth Medium™ (FGM™) that offers better protection on slopes than rolled erosion control blankets (ECB) and bonded fiber matrix (BFM) products - with the speed and cost savings of hydraulic seeding.

Flexterra™ is effective upon application. It requires no cure time to develop intimate soil contact. The engineered medium performs on slopes steeper than 2.5H:1V and remains effective even during sustained rainfall events. It can be applied using all types of mechanically agitated hydraulic seeding equipment over uneven terrain and rough seedbeds.

Solves Problems on a Variety of Sties.
FGM™ has been used on projects ranging from rough ground and seep, rocky slopes to moderate - or steep-graded fill slopes. It is also used in environmentally sensitive wetlands and other wildlife areas not compatible with nettings.
DOT & Highwat Projects
Commercial and Residential Construction
Mine Reclamation
Golf Course Construction

Terra-Matrix™ SM
Stabilized Fiber Matrix

Superior Site Protection in a Quick, Safe, Easy Hydraulic Application

Terra-Matrix™ SM is the newest innovation from Profile Products, the undisputed leader in erosion and sediment control technology. It is specially formulated to provide cost-effective stabilization of soils on active construction and building sites. Unlive polymeric stabilizers comprised of flocculants that need to be blended on site, the pre-blended combination of Thermally Refined™ wood fibers, proprietary crosslinked tackifiers and activators anchor the fiber matrix to the soil surface. Hydraulically applied Terra-Matrix creates a non-toxic, erosion resistant blanket that prevents polymer leaching and dispersion of soil particles. The university-tested Terra-Matrix formulations in designed to stand up to multiple rainfall events.

Terra-Matrix™ SM

  • Contours with the surface to insure intimate soil contact
  • Forms an erosion resistant, built-in-place blanket
  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • No fish or wildlife concerns
  • No netting, staples, or lifting
  • Pre-blended for consistent performance
  • Provides outstanding erosion protection for 3-6 months
  • Ideal for stabilizing moderate slopes and building pads