The Ultimate Blanket for Growing Grass

Unsurpassed Erosion Control
Controlling soil erosion and managing water are the most critical factors for successfully growing vegetation. Futerra Erosion Control/Revegetation Blankets have revolutionized the way the industry tackles these challenges by offering nearly 99% effectiveness. The highest of any blanket which minimizes soil and seed washouts, especially on hills and slopes. Unparalleled in performance, ease and cost of installation and aesthetic appeal, you'll find nothing outperforms Futerra. From construction and highway projects to residential lawns and golf courses, Futerra's erosion control characteristics and reliability for growing grass are unsurpassed.

Easier to Install
Futerra blankets are the lightest blankets available, allowing for the easiest installation possible-using less man hours per square yard. Futerra is easy to cut and shape, providing quick coverage for even the toughest landscape challenges.

Superior Seed Germination
The patented combination of wood fiber and crimped, interlocking man made fibers provides a germination fate that is higher than alternative products.

No Clean Up Required
Futerra degrades completely, leaving nothing to pull or rake. The wood matrix is designed to degrade within one year and the netting is designed to degrade within 6 weeks. The photo degradable, polypropylene netting is laminated to the surface of the blanket, reducing the problem of netting getting tangled in mower blades. As Futerra degrades, it simply becomes mulch, providing nutrients to young seedlings.

Futerra F4 Netless blankets degrade completely within one year - leaving no threads or nets to entangle wildlife, get caught in mower blades or cause hassles.

  Roll Dimensions Roll Area Ave. Weight Rolls/Pallet
82'' Futerra Natural 82'' x 135' 102.5 sq yds 38 lbs. 16
Futerra F4 Netless 78'' x 90' 65 sq yds 20.5 lbs. 16