Conwed Fibers 2000

-- 100% wood fiber with a premium tackifier.

-- Tackifier is a pre-blended high-viscosity organic guar-gum tackifier.

-- Eliminates the extra step and mess of field mixing.

Conwed Fibers 1000 w/SlikShot™

Contains 100% of the highest quality wood fiber, now with SlikShot™ for better shooting.

EnviroBlend w/ SlikShot™

-- The #1 selling blend in the industry.

-- Now with SlikShot™ for better yield, less hose clogging, and better ground covereage.

EnviroBlend w/ Tack

-- Same quality wood and cellulose blend as EnviroBlend but with a pre-blended 3% polymer tackifier for a strong bond and added holding power.

-- Eliminates the extra step and mess of field-mixing tackifier.

Jet Spray with FiberMax™
-- Pourable Mulch Flakes Save You Time and Money!

Designed Specifically for the smaller tank openings of jet-agitated hydraulic machines, loads up to 90% faster than traditional hydraulic mulch.

Conwed Fibers Cellulose

High-quality, clean 100% cellulose fiber mixes in water at an accelerated rate and stays in suspension for more uniform consistency.