Added Value Additives

Fiber Mulch Amendments

Conwed Fibers® Tackifiers
ConTack® - A long time industry favorite, this 100% guar-based organic tackifier reduces the need for reseeding and minimizes soil erosion by stabilizing mulch and straw. It also helps increase the flow and pumping properties of mulch, allowing hydroulic machinery to run efficiently during application.

Application Rates:
40 lbs/acre under normal conditions
60 lbs/acre under severe or critical conditions
Packaging: 4-10 lb bags per case
Water Soluble Bags 7-3 lb bags per case

Maximize the yeild and performance of your mulch with a stronger bond and the added plus of better shooting.

  • Combination of specially cut and treated polyester fibers disperse rabidly in water
  • Easily mixes with fiber mulch and seed
  • Increases the mechanical bond of all types of hydraulically applied fiber mulches
  • Increases the shooting distance of fiber much slurry
  • Reduces the paper mache effect of cellulose fiber mulches
  • Enhances the erosion control performance of all fiber mulches

Packaging: 6-5 lb bags per case

The only marker dye with the added plus of a slickifier to improve shooting.

  • Added plus of poly-acrylamide acts as hose slickifier to increase shooting distance of hydraulic slurry
  • Super-high concentrated marker dye for improved visual metering
  • Enhances mulch color for great curb appeal
  • Can be used as a marker when applying seed and fertilizer alone

Packaging: 2-11 lb jugs per case

Soil Amendments

JumpStart™ 5
Jump start turf establishment with the industry's most complete package of growth stimulants and added polymers.

  • Five active ingredients work synergistically to promote faster, more complete germination and long-term plant health
  • Contains super-absorbent co-polymer gel (PAM), seaweed extract, humic acid, and endomycorrhizae
  • Biostimulants and beneicial bacteria increase root mass and top growth
  • Improves the established plant's stress tolerance to heat, cold, salt, and drought
  • Added polymers improve the water holding capacity and shooting distance of mulch slurry

Packaging: 4-10 lb bags per case

AquaGel™ A, B, C, D
An excellent water management tool for a variety of applications.

  • Super-absorbent co-polymer of acrylamide holds up to 400 times its weight in distilled water
  • Available in four different particle sizes, making it ideal for hydro-seeding, transplants, laying sod, root dip, and as a soil amending medium
  • Ensures plants get the water they need at critical stage of establishment

Packaging: 2-16 lb containers per case

NeutraLime™ Dry
Nothing balances soil pH faster - within 6-10 days after application - with the added plus of longer control - up to 18 weeks.

  • One 40 lb bag contains 50% more CaCO3 than the highest concentrated 2.5 gal. jug of Liquid Lime
  • Promotes germination and enhances plant establishment
  • Improves nutrient uptake longer
  • Store in a dry place and there's no limit to shelf life

Packaging: 4-10 lb bags per case

NeutraLime™ Liquid
Balances soil pH 7-10 days after application

  • High concentration of the purest form of limestone
  • Improves soil pH in the seed germination zone
  • Easy to mix and use
  • Improves nutrient uptake

Packaging: 2-2 1/2 gal jugs per case